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Even though UNNA is a new name, the principal investors behind the brand have been operating highly successful enterprises in Barbados for over 40 years. In fact the dynamic Barbadian companies that form the group collectively rank as the leading private sector employer in the country today, with over 3,500 employees.

Having conceptualized and created the island’s first marina, Port St. Charles, as far back as 1997, the group has since firmly established itself as a highly respected developer and constructor of luxury residential and commercial real estate. As an extension of that ongoing success, UNNA has now been founded as a management company to run the operations of its own world-class resorts and hospitality amenities. Pronounced ‘oo-na’, this very distinct and uniquely Barbadian brand reflects both the international notion of ‘one’, as well as the Bajan vernacular wunna, meaning ‘all of us’. As such, UNNA embraces individuality within a group – just like a family.

With an unswerving commitment to meeting their clients’ foremost needs and preferences, UNNA has chosen to locate each of its luxurious resorts and ultra-luxury residential communities on the scenic northwestern coast. With beautiful beaches, an inherent culture of welcoming visitors and steeped in history, this area of the island still possesses a rare, genuine charm. Saint Peter’s Bay, comprising 57 three and four bedroom beachfront homes, is the first, fully completed resort operating under the 5-star luxury UNNA brand.

Next to be launched, in late December 2013, is the exclusive 16-acre, Port Ferdinand luxury marina resort. This is the first defined UNNA development, specifically planned and built with all the group’s ethos and values in mind. Featuring 120 berths with 83 luxury  homes, Port Ferdinand is a wonderful, all-encompassing development that is rich in amenities. As such, the resort is laden with opportunities for multi-generational enjoyment of life and is absolutely ideal for families to holiday together.

Also currently on stream, and located just north of Saint Peter’s Bay, the ultra-high net worth residence, Palazzate, is poised to acquire its own special place in the world due to its unique size, superlative standards and unparalleled level of service.

In each case, potential owners are not just purchasing a prestigious west coast home, they are also investing in a luxurious but laid back lifestyle, a warm and sincere welcome and a golden opportunity to enjoy many memorable occasions for generations to come.

The knowledgeable and amiable UNNA members of staff instinctively provide a high level of attention to detail and provide their guests with a level of personalised service above and beyond the generally accepted benchmarks. It is these Barbadians, from gardeners to managers, who make the UNNA resorts so special. As a result, residents feel a close connection to their community and a tangible sense of belonging. It is very significant that when owners come here to relax on vacation they are looked after by real local people who genuinely enjoy being hospitable. Guests highly value that element of being personally made to feel at home, especially as in this day and age it is sometimes lacking in their own home countries.

By putting together all these elements of top quality and value in home ownership, offering similar privacy and security as a private club but with the service and amenities of a 5-star hotel, and all underscored with a particular emphasis on individual wellbeing, UNNA is deservedly earning a unique status in Barbados. UNNA is the authentic Barbadian brand that delivers ‘Luxury with Soul’.

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The UNNA brand, a dedicated branch of the JADA Group specializing in luxury resort management, luxury property management and luxury property sales. UNNA, which now comprises UNNA Living and UNNA Luxury Resorts & Residences, is positioned as a leader in luxury properties with an innovative, pragmatic and results-driven approach to resort-style living. The Properties of Unna Resorts SRL includes Port Ferdinand & St. Peter’s Bay Luxury Resorts & Residences.