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Currently celebrating twenty successful years in the international business sector, Platinum International Business Solutions has earned global respect as a leading provider of cross- border business services. Under the direction of a management team that boasts a combined 45-years of hands-on experience in the industry, Platinum’s multi-disciplined team of dedicated business professionals possesses an usually broad spectrum of accumulated first-hand knowledge and expertise, having built lasting relationships with a diverse range of clients operating in a wide variety of cross-border activities.

With a client-base comprised of high net worth individuals, multinational corporations and publicly traded corporations – including internet-related and software development ventures, oil and gas industries, inter-company financing and holding companies, located in Canada, United States, Latin America, China and Europe – Platinum has repeatedly proven itself to be well- equipped to provide effective customised solutions for bona fide clients of substance.

Against that solid background of all- encompassing experience, Platinum has also distinguished itself as a forward- thinking company. This includes a willingness to share its ample collective knowledge and industry-specific information with clients and strategic partners, if it will redound to the ultimate benefit of the client. In a similarly enlightened manner, Platinum has long been a proponent of encouraging and enabling female leadership within the company, thereby creating equal opportunity for all employees to excel and develop the business. Given the current scenario where Barbados has its first ever female Prime Minister and many of the leading professional services companies and organizations are today headed by women, it is apparent that Platinum’s visionary adoption of such a policy was not only commendable, but also good business.

With a corporate ethos founded upon professionalism, teamwork, responsiveness, flexibility and reliability, Platinum is ideally positioned to provide value-added expertise for discerning clients seeking optimum global business solutions.

After 20 years of excellence and exceeding our clients’ expectations…you can trust us to lead your team.

“The International Business Sector is continuously evolving, so we have to be analytical, creative and flexible enough to adjust to any changes, ideally before they even happen. That is why we at Platinum, and Barbados as a whole, have been able to adapt so readily to the legislative changes to our income tax regime in response to the OECD-driven BEPS and the new international standards governing economic substance. We have been promoting the concept of central management and control since inception, whereby any Board of Directors should have the right expertise, contemporaneous documentation and a physical presence, including having a quorum of the board that must attend meetings of Barbados subsidiaries. All of that is now part and parcel of the new economic substance requirements, but we are already well-accustomed to delivering that level of legitimacy. These are exciting times and I am optimistic about the future opportunities for the sector in Barbados.”

Stephen Greaves – President, Platinum International Business Solutions, Inc.
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Platinum International Business Solutions

Platinum International Business Solutions, Inc. (previously Platinum Offshore Management Services, Inc.) is a multi-disciplined team of experienced business professionals. Our reputation for international business services in Barbados is global and we are known for providing hands-on efficient and timely services. We provide high-quality management and corporate solutions to international clients of substance. Platinum is regulated in accordance with the Barbados Corporate and Trust Service Providers Act 2015 and licensed to provide corporate services. The hallmark of our success is effective leadership, sound professional skills, experience in varied and diverse areas, and reliability and teamwork. Located in the heart of one of Barbados’ major financial districts, Platinum has extensive experience in managing many areas of cross-border client activities.