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Currently celebrating its 30th Anniversary, the IAM Jet Centre at Grantley Adams International Airport can rightfully be considered one of Barbados’ best kept secrets, but that is merely because this homegrown Barbadian business chooses not to draw unnecessary attention to its stellar track record. That determination to remain discrete is an integral part of the company’s commitment to providing a very private, very secure, very comfortable, stress-free gateway for high net worth individuals, business leaders and diplomats while entering and leaving Barbados. Contrary to its carefully guarded low profile in Barbados, the IAM Jet Centre is very well-known and highly regarded in the worldwide business aviation community, with a sterling reputation for excellence in passenger and ground handling, as well as trip support.

IAM Jet Centre

Having established the flagship facility in Barbados in 2004, the company later launched IAM Jet Centres in Jamaica, Grenada, Tortola and St. Lucia. While their core business revolves around the provision of high-end services to visiting private and business jet travellers, the IAM Jet Centre also offers fully-equipped private conference rooms which enable international companies to conduct transactions or hold their AGM in Barbados without leaving the facility. It is not uncommon for a global company’s representatives to fly in from various locations around the world, conduct a meeting, complete their business, have lunch and then fly back home in time for dinner.

As a leading supplier of aviation fuel in the Caribbean, the IAM Jet Centre also regularly refuels private jets en route between the US or South America and Southern Africa. Those passengers usually get off the plane to stretch their legs and, if they wish, they can pop inside to relax in several comfortable lounges, freshen up or even take a shower.

In all instances, the IAM Jet Centre serves their guests with the same elegance and modern convenience as that of a 5-star boutique hotel. To ensure a consistently high level of service excellence, all of the staff are trained by the renowned British Butler Institute.

In further pursuit of their mandate to deliver the highest possible standards, the IAM Jet Centre management team subjected their facilities in Barbados and the region to the rigorous scrutiny of the International Standard for Business Aircraft Handlers, IS-BAH, with regard to safety, operations and best service practices. Having successfully gained Stage 1 Certification in 2016, they continued with the programme in a quest to attain and maintain even higher standards. Two years later, IAM Jet Centre became the first jet centre group in Latin America and the Caribbean to be awarded IS-BAH Stage 2 Certification. Perhaps even more impressively, they are one of only twenty business aviation enterprises in the entire world to earn that distinguished level of certification.

IAM Jet Center

Their burgeoning success did not go unnoticed in the rapidly globalising aviation industry, attracting interest from a number of world-class suitors, all keen to acquire such a high-performing asset. Ultimately, the IAM Jet Centre shareholders accepted a bid from UK based BBA Aviation, the owners of Signature Flight Support, the world’s largest Fixed Base Operator (FBO) network.

As a result of this acquisition, the IAM Jet Centre in Barbados is now directly linked to some 200 other Signature FBOs around the world, covering key destinations in North America, Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and the wider Caribbean.

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IAM Jet Centre

With more than two decades experience providing dedicated handling and fuel services to visiting and domiciled business aviation customers throughout the region, IAM Jet Centres of the Caribbean has established its presence across the island chain with four flagship FBOs – located in Barbados, Montego Bay, Jamaica, Grenada and Tortola, British Virgin Islands, and a business aviation handling and fuel services network that extends to 24 airports region wide.