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Disruption has become the new norm in the global world and for Cave Shepherd & Co. Limited, our recent disruption has been informed by our desire and commitment to continuously introduce innovative and value-added services within the digital payments industry.

September 2016 was a watershed moment in the history of Cave Shepherd & Co. Limited. It was the year the Company through its Cards Business Unit reset the Barbados Cards Market with the announcement of its new strategic partnership with globally recognized payments network company, VISA Inc. This partnership resulted in the introduction of the Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card product, which allows over 35,000 Cardholders access to a globally accepted payments product.

Notably, our micro, small and medium-sized businesses have a major role to play in moving us forward as we embark as a country towards a new digital transformation journey. Kristie Powell, Technical Advisor to the Government of Bahamas on Digital Transformation in a Digital Transformation Workshop hosted by the Cave Shepherd Card business back in April 2019 stated that, “Digital Transformation is a combination of transforming digital technologies, tools, processes, but mostly people, culture, mindset, truly transforming the way you do business.”

Introducing The Cave Shepherd Card Mobile App

Cave Shepherd & Co. Ltd is pleased to introduce our enhanced level of service to our Cardholders with the Cave Shepherd Card Mobile App.

A quick and convenient mobile service allowing Cardholders to manage their Cave Shepherd Card account on the go.

Disruption with a Purpose

Further disruption came in 2018 with the launch of the Cave Shepherd Card Mobile App; a digital payments platform that acts as a companion to the existing credit card product. The Cave Shepherd Card Mobile App allows Cardholders to send and receive funds digitally, view account information and to pay for products and services at registered Mobile Partners; all from the convenience of a mobile device.

As micro and small businesses all over the world continue to be faced with the challenge of receiving payments quickly and more securely, Cave Shepherd & Co. is excited to help reposition the Barbados payments industry through education of this important sector. The Cave Shepherd Card Mobile solution offers a digital payments platform similar to the technology offered to big merchants through the traditional point of sale terminals; however, providing a more cost effective and hassle-free experience. Business owners in Barbados can now access a payments solution that allows for user-friendly digital payments acceptance andviewing of real-time payments, along with the added benefit of initiating transfers directly to their bank account.

With exposure to new and emerging digital payment trends through our strategic alliance to VISA Inc., and other Fintech experts, our hope is to continue to bridge the gap in educating a wider cross section of the market in the area of digital payments. Our key strategic partnerships with the Barbados Trust Loan Fund, the Small Business Association and the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Smart Technology acts as an endorsement of our commitment to actively support the national mandate for a “Smart Barbados”.

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Cave Shepherd Card

Our Cave Shepherd Card financial solution is the oldest revolving card product in the Barbadian Market, catering to generations for many decades. Over its 40 year plus history, the Cave Shepherd Card has become a trusted symbol of convenience, affordability and Cardholder pride.

In pursuit of our vision to be the leading cards and payments service provider in the region, we continue to break barriers and make history. The Cave Shepherd Card is the first non-financial services institution in the Latin America and Caribbean region to be issued a Card Issuer License directly from VISA in 2016. As a payments disrupter, the Cave Shepherd Card Mobile App was launched in the Barbadian market aimed at introducing a new innovative and hassle free alternative for micro, small and medium sized businesses designed to assist in digital payment collections, adding a high degree of convenience for our valued Cardholder Family.